Minimalist Mindset

Less Mess, Less Stress

The purpose of Minimalist Mindset is to help you to achieve a peaceful, unencumbered, low stress life. It's about finding joy, purpose and peace of mind.

The reason for Minimalist mindset is the insistence of many of the hundreds of people I've counseled over the years that I must get this out to more people.

It doesn't matter how much money you make if your life is all screwed up. More often than not, more money creates problems than it eliminates if you don't have your act together. It can lead to becoming a stuffaholic, going from one purchase to the next for the fleeting high it creates. It has cute names like "retail therapy" or "sport shopping" however it's an addiction. It's an itch that you can never quite scratch. I've seen it many times, I confess that I lived like that once a long time ago, so I know of what I speak.

The Minimalist Lifestyle isn’t about about labels, perfection or making a religion out of a way to create peace and pleasure in life. The peace and pleasure come come from living in harmony and flow with who you authentically are. It will be different for each of you. This is about who you are and your authentic self.

There’s an old saying that “the law kills, but the spirit saves.” In that vein I want to help free you from strict rules and definitions and help you discover your unique spirit that will soothe and enrich your life.

I'm told that I have a unique way of getting across to people in ways that others don't. I constantly hear "I've heard that before but now I get it." It's almost certain that you will pick up a nugget or two or a valuable insight here. Spend some time looking around and judge for yourself if I can be of help.

You won't find anything for sale here, this is a labor of love. There may be a blog post now and then with a recommended book with my Amazon affiliate link, but that's about it. I may do a webinar every now and then however that's what it will be, a webinar, not a thinly veiled sales pitch for some new bright shiny object.

In case you're worried about me starving to death or not knowing how to monetize a website, be assured I make a rather nice income in my other online endeavor helping people to make a great living online. I wanted to keep the two separate even though they are somewhat related.

Those who know me well say I’m a minimalist. I don’t feel like a minimalist, however in contrast to most people I have fewer superfluous things and live an uncomplicated life. Maybe most important of all, I'm free from unnecessary wants and worries. You can be too.

Too often I see the line between being an ascetic and living minimally blurred.

Ascetic - a person who practices severe self-discipline and abstention

I’ve spent time as an ascetic. While it wasn’t all that bad, it requires you to isolate yourself from the world. It’s also very legalistic. Not a practical way of life, unnecessary and it limits your ability to contribute to others.

I’ve spent time as an ascetic. While it wasn’t all that bad, it requires you to isolate yourself from the world. It’s also very legalistic. Not a practical way of life, unnecessary and it limits your ability to contribute to others.

What has done the most to enhance quality of my life and the lives those whom I’ve shared this with is to develop a minimalist mindset. While most will advise you to get rid of everything and live with very little, I find that for many people it doesn’t hold up well in actual practice. Once the thrill wears off, stuff starts to reappear and you begin to feel like a failure.

On the other hand you can start developing your minimalist mindset right now without getting rid of anything. It doesn’t matter how cluttered your physical surroundings may be, by focusing on your mindset you start to feel immediate relief. As you get better at the minimalist mindset you will naturally start to have less and less unnecessary stuff and your life will become more orderly.

"Thoughts are things." This is a key concept of the minimalist mindset.

Your first step is to not accumulate a bunch of new thoughts (mental things) about becoming a “minimalist.” You don’t know where your minimalist threshold is at present, or will evolve to in the future, so no need to focus solely on getting rid of things at first.

If you find yourself daydreaming about living like Epictetus with just a lamp, sleeping pad and the toga on his back or stressing over precious items you think you'll have to give up, stop. Take a deep breath, exhale and breathe, it'll be fine. Come back into the moment and get back on track. Soon it will become second nature for you.

Don’t under estimate any positive action no matter how small, or place too much weight on challenges. Stay as level as possible. If all you do is toss a soggy cucumber that hid in the back of the veggie bin it should carry as much weight as the cluttered room you can’t walk into because you toss everything in there to keep it out of sight.

To restate this, don’t trivialize any positive action no matter how small or infrequent and don’t place too much weight on obstacles or clutter no matter how daunting they seem.

Here’s where the mindset comes in. It doesn’t matter how much more there is to do or how far you think you have to go, you have begun the process and as time goes on you will trust your mindset more and more. As your minimalist mindset develops, the more your obstacles and attachment to objects will diminish until you reach the level of minimal living that’s right for you. At that point you will be in harmony and it won’t feel minimal at all; that’s the secret.

Get the picture? We’re working on a mindset, not focusing on objects. Focusing on objects tends to create score keeping. As in the less stuff you have the more minimalist you are. The minimalist mindset is a spiritual process that will lead you to your personally perfect appropriate level and sustain you once you’re there. You’re creating a more peaceful and rewarding lifestyle, not seeing if you can live with less than you need for your physical and emotional well-being.

While the object here is to help you to live a more peaceful, fulfilling and stress free life, it’s also important to realize that you don’t live in a vacuum. You have a life and it may include a demanding job, partner or children that make a mess and bring clutter and disorder into your life. I understand, that’s why it’s the minimalist mindset and not minimalism per se. I’m here to help you get the best for your situation.

This isn’t an organizing site, it’s about living mindfully, simply and with the things you really need and that add beauty and joy to your life. This process creates the mindset and over time and your new way of living will flow effortlessly.

I won't be blogging every day or week for that matter and I won’t be sending daily emails. Once a month is what I intend. I don't want this to take over my life and interfere with my lifestyle. I don't let my money making business do it, so I'm not going let it happen here.

This brings me to an important point. I've conducted well over a thousand coaching sessions in the last several years and almost everyone wants to bite off more than they can chew and try to go too fast. It leads to overwhelm, frustration and failure. As simple as I'm keeping this knowledge it will still take you time to incorporate even small steps into your lifestyle. If you practice these simple methods intentionally they will have a profound effect on your life, don't under estimate them because of the absence of pretty pictures and hyperbole.

This site has been put up because of many requests by friends, acquaintances and clients to put up a site that contains teachings about my lifestyle that have helped them. When I've asked the folks whom I've helped build online based incomes at what helped them the most, they often mention what I'm sharing with you here as having a profound effect.

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Kind regards, Pete

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