Minimalism vs Simple Lifestyle

This post originally appeared in my blog on over a year ago. Now that I have a place dedicated to this subject I’ve moved it over here. I’ve also tweaked it a bit to reflect my evolution over the year although it still has some vestigial remnants of where I was. Which brings me […]

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Beware Of “isms”

I’ve had my share of run-ins with militant adherents of minimalism, vegetarianism, vegan-ism, Buddhism & the other religion isms, capitalism, socialism, communism, libertarianism, etc.  Adherents to these isms usually have a set of strict criteria in order to qualify for their “ism.” While it may vary from person to person and each has core tenets […]

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Emotional Attachments

We often place attachments to items for emotional reasons, holy places, where you grew up, Grandmas old tea kettle, etc. I understand, it’s a part of them and it somehow makes them seem near. It also makes them very hard to part with. I’m not talking about your Mom’s wedding ring or family photos. But […]

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